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New sister site to the Official Walter Becker (est. 2006). Offering hi-fidelity rarities and unreleased tracks from Becker's pipeline, plus discussion boards, history, context, and pics.
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The Steely Dan Reader
Host: John Granatino
Over the past two decades, newspaper man John Granatino has assembled the most comprehensive archive of Steely Dan writings dating back to the early 1970s.  Of special note is the inclusion of a complete archive of the unofficial Steely Dan music publication, Metal Leg, which ran from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s, published first in the U.K. by Brian Sweet and later in NYC by Pete Fogel and Bill Pascador.  Stop the presses!  Start the blogs!  All bow down to Good King John!
Under The Banyan Trees with Steely Dan
Host: Pat "St. Al" Beemer
Established by Pat "St. Al" Beemer over twenty years ago, this legendary site is known for a number of features that were innovative not only for Steely Dan fan culture but also for  music sites in general.  Dormant for several years, the site is preseved in archival mode, documenting a heady time in the Danfan scene.  "Everything Must Go" and at St. Al's "Anything Went"--in the best way.
Metal Leg
Host: Pete Fogel
The legendary Pete Fogel is well known not just to fans but to Steely Dan and its current and past associates.  Fogel's history vis-a-vis Steely Dan goes back over 25 years ago when he co-published the Steely Dan music quarterly Metal Leg which was then the sole active institution of Steely Dan fan culture.  For close to two decades Pete was also photographer of performances by Donald Fagen, Steely Dan, The New York Rock and Soul Revue and others.  This site offers many exclusive photos.  Mr. Fogel also contributed content to the inaugural version of For archives of Metal Leg magazine, see the web site of John Granatino's Steely Dan Reader.
Host: Jim McKay
Founded in 2001, the BlueBook is an open, as-anonymous-as-you-want-it forum that goes retro 1990s in technology.  Anything goes as long as it's tangentially Steely Dan.  The host is not responsible for the spontaneous real-time posts that are never dull, sometimes shocking and occassionally offensive.
Bodhisattva 150
Host: Bruce Cameron
This site out of New Zealand offers and eclectic and unique take on Dan dealings down-under.
Dandom Digest
Host: Jim McKay
Started March 23, 1993, this is likely the first internet resource dedicated to Steely Dan.  What is today's Dandom Digest started out as Majordomo list named the Steely Fan Digest.  Its daily email missives were a spin-off of the Usenet group,  Throughout the 1990s, the daily email digest was hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, before that place became an asylum for Steely Dan trombonists.  In 1999, the Internet (then still with a capital "I") grew up and and the Dandom Digest went out on its own.  As of April 2015, the Dandom Digest comes out now and then but frequently enough, reaching something like 2,000 Dan fans or something. Major-who? Usenet whatever. Steely Dan forever!
Host: Jim McKay
Started as a Gopher server (?) in 1993, this is may very well be the very first web site dedicated exclusively to Steely Dan.  Or not. Eclectic and ironically sincere, it's showing its age and classic typos, but it remains an interesting document of some interesting times in the early- to high-moderne era of Steely Dan. (ie. circa 1993-2003).
Mizar 6
Host: Gina Vodegel
Formerly Mizar 5, Gina and her cohort have been dishing their special, insightful writings on all things tangentially Steely Dan for over ten years.  Provocative, fun and always Steely Dan-related to the 5th or 6th degree.  Can "Mizar 7" be far behind? Dear readers, we can only hold ourselves until we find out.
Radio Dupree
Hosts: Nebukadnessar Stephenson & Sigurd Huckle
Equal parts "words of wisdom" and "pretzel logic" from Neb and Siggy as they struggle to get the playlist sorted out, this duo makes for a cool ride.  The tangents here just have a little more Ã"paradoxical tangency.
Steely Dan (Facebook-Unofficial Content)
Administrator: Chris Eckes
Show your pretty face at this nice, unofficial starting point for Steely Dan fans of all ages, shapes, colors, sizes, and constituency.  Finally an unofficial place for Dan Fans who are faint of heart. Oh, yes, despite its name, its unofficial.
Steely Dan Database
Host: Hans Verlouw
Drill down the Dan database and get really lost inside this popular and long-running site.  All rise to the Verlouw!
Steely Dan Dictionary
Host: Dan O'Malley
Ever wonder what a bodhisattva is? Or how to gaslight somebody? Then this site is for you! Check out this A-Z glossary of over 100 obscure words, people and places--all taken from the lyrics of actual Steely Dan songs.
Steely Dan Fan Tour2K
Host: H.b. Friedenberg
A nice slice of Steely life taken from 2000, an extraordinary year in the history of Steely Dan.  More exciting than your second cousin's travelogue from her 1983 trip to Bali.
Steely Dan Fans Worldwide
Administrators: Tee Smith & Karen Haverstock
"Without Steely Dan, life would be a mistake."  -- Friedrich Nietzsche.  A supremely popular Facebook fan page run by a dynamic duo of Lady Dan Fans known and loved by all who know and love them. They live in separate Tri-State metro areas.
Steely Dan Guitar Tabs
Host: Howard Wright
Howard never ceases to amaze with his  transcriptions. Respect Howard's labor of Steely love!  You can't help but do otherwise. Howard writes, "What I've tried to do with these transcriptions is to capture the 'essence of the song'in a single guitar part...the chords I've suggested are not difficult to play yet capture the key harmonic ideas of the song."
Steely Dan Interzone
Host: Tomas Broberg
Enjoy Broberg's electic musings and creative expressions on all things Steely Dan on this long-time Dan Fan web site. Not a God's eye view of Steely Dan -- but really, who wants that?

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